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What We Do

Hardscape provides tall gravity walls, erosion control, earth retention, slope stabilization and concrete fences..

Who We Are

Hardscape Construction is one of Minnesota’s most respected commercial and industrial retaining wall contractors.

Project Gallery

View our project gallery — retail, multi-family, office, education, healthcare, recreation, municipal and others.

Featured Projects

Edenvale Highlands
Fire Station
Water Features
Elan Luxury

Minnesota’s Leading Commercial Retaining Wall Contractor

Founded in 1995, Hardscape Construction specializes in value engineering and installation of large-scale segmental retaining walls, tall gravity walls, concrete fences, entrance monuments, h-pilings and more. When you face challenging soils or unrealistic reinforcement options, Hardscape has the equipment, technology and experienced construction professionals necessary to tackle the complex application. The biggest names in the industry rely on Hardscape to navigate complex projects and difficult schedules.
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